In “The King Symphonic” CEO of the Las Vegas Symphony OrchestraShea Arender takes on the lead singer role in an electrifying journey of harmony in the symphony orchestra celebration of the music of Elvis Presley. In recent years Shea’s notable production of the Harold Arlen estate musical, “The Wonderful Wizard of Song” (composer of Wizard of Oz soundtrack) has made him one of the youngest Executive Producers on or off-Broadway. Shea also made the First Grammy ballot in 2013 with his original holiday composition.

“The King Symphonic” is sure to be an extraordinary symphonic masterpiece due to the combined creative abilities of Shea and the legendary conductor/arranger Steve Rawlins of Los Angeles who has arranged for Madonna, Barry Manilow, and The Gershwins among many others. This new collaboration between Arender and Rawlins has created a unique blend of Rockabilly, Dixieland Jazz, Country, Blues, Gospel, and of course Rock N Roll into one amazing show. The music will inspire you, and the story will touch your heart as you sit back and absorb the unforgettable sights and sounds of this new musical adventure.

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the king symphonic